16 de marzo de 2011

One-to-One Spanish Tuition Recoleta Buenos Aires

Private Tuition by teacher Sergio Gorostiaga

When you are a one-to-one Spanish Student, you can learn at your own pace and on a schedule that's convenient for you with a program teacher Sergio has customized to your needs and learning style.
Some examples of our linguistic and professional goals are:
•to increase fluency and confidence when speaking in different social contexts
•to widen his/her active vocabulary range in preparation for a new job
•to develop better writing skills with particular reference to reports and emails

10 hours a week 2 hours a day = 300 arg pesos
1 hour = 50 arg pesos
contact >> sergiogorostiaga ( at ) hotmail com

Sergio Gorostiaga's studio is located >> Viamonte st corner with Rodriguez Pena st near Recoleta >> Sergio Gorostiaga is on Facebook

Only intermediate & advanced students
Beginners contact >> proyectosantelmo@gmail.com