9 de mayo de 2008

DELE - CELU - Spanish - International Examinations

Exámenes de Español como Lengua Extranjera
We encourage you to take the DELE or CELU exam.
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What are DELE and CELU examinations?
CELU - Official Spanish Examinations in Argentina

CELU (Certificado De Español: Lengua y Uso)- Spanish Certificate: Language and Usage. In October of 2001, the Ministerio de Educación y Relaciones Exteriores set out the guidelines for the assessment of Spanish in Argentina.In June of 2004, a consortium was created by the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (http://www.rec.uba.ar/), Córdoba (http://www.unc.edu.ar/), and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (http://www.unl.edu.ar/) with the task to design and implement the first Argentinean exam for Spanish as a foreign language.
The Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología from the República Argentina aims to respond to the need to certify knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language. This certification is geared for foreigners that live in our country and foreign students who are studying Spanish at their home universities and are interested in obtaining a standardized Spanish Language Certificate.
The CELU or Spanish Certificate: Language and Usage evaluates oral and written linguistic competence of Spanish as a foreign language in daily, social, work related or academic situations irrespectively of the candidates’ mother tongue or the kind of language training that they have received.
The CELU accounts for 3 levels of Spanish: basic, intermediate and advanced. Broadly speaking, achieving a basic level means that the candidate has a proficient ability to communicate in simple and predictable situations both daily and while traveling. The intermediate level corresponds with a speaker who can deal with family situations and a wide variety of social interactions in a natural manner. Although an intermediate speaker can enroll in undergraduate courses at the University, he/she may still find difficulty in dealing with unfamiliar situations and may lack precision. The advanced CELU level implies the ability to linguistically interact confidently and spontaneously in a wider range of family, social, work related and academic contexts.
Buenos Aires University
University credits
Are you going to take the "Certificación de Español de la Universidad de Buenos Aires" examination in Buenos Aires University ? UBA is just a blocks away from our academy. To pass this examination in one of the most prestigious latin american universities allows you to obtain credits automatically for your local university.
Dele (international spanish certification)
DELE is the official test in Spanish as a foreign language and stands for Spanish Diploma as a Foreign Language (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera). The Instituto Cervates (the official governmental organization who promotes the Spanish language) is the organization in charge of the DELE Spanish language exams although in practice the exam is set and corrected by Salamanca University.These Diplomas are recognized worldwide by private companies, chambers of commerse and public and private educational systems. The Diplomas in Spanish are ideal for gaining promotion within the labour market and for accessing educational institutions, both in Spain and in the more than 100 countries where the tests are administered.